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Quality According to Poliweb

Logo SGS PWG’s objectives have always included total quality, and it has paid particular attention to the regular training of personnel and to the regular maintenance of the quality management systems while constantly improving its efficiency.

To guarantee the maximum quality, PWG:

  • Trains its own personnel in GMP regulations
  • Employs 10% of the work-force in quality-assurance related activities
  • Uses specific equipment for total production control and for progressive numbering

Also, PWG is a certified company, according to the international certification standards:

  • In 1999 PWG obtained ISO 9002/Ed. 1994 (SGS) certification
  • In 2002 PWG obtained ISO 9001/Ed. 2000 Vision (SGS) certification
  • In 2009 PWG obtained ISO 9001/Ed. 2008 certification

Dichiarazione di politica per la qualità

Agosto 2018